Experimental Mining/Hashing Rig

1919After building an experimental 6x GPU rig that can be used for crypto-currency mining and password hash cracking we figured out that somebody else can benefit from our “how-to” guide. So here it is.

STEP 1: Let’s Order the Parts:

  1. 1000 Watt Power Supply (link)
  2. 6 GPU Motherboard (link)
  3. Dual-Core CPU (link)
  4. 4Gb RAM (link)
  5. 6x GPUs (at least 8Gb RAM, preferably 11Gb) (link)
  6. 6-Pack Riser Cables (link)
  7. SSD for Operation System (link)
  8. SATA Cable (link)
  9. Open-Air Minning Case (link)


The total cost of parts should come to about $3.5-4k. GPUs will account for the biggest part of your costs, so try to shop around to find the best deal. Keep in mind that for Ethereum minning Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) is stored directly on GPU and that’s why you can’t use a GPU with less than 4Gb of RAM. We decided to go with 11Gb RAM GTX1080Ti, so we wouldn’t have to worry about future growth for a while.

P.S. You can borrow mouse, keyboard and monitor – you’ll only need them during the course of installation.

P.P.S. Ordering GPUs wasn’t as easy as I thought. Apparently Amazon decided to implement limits on how many GPUs can people order. Damn miners! 🙂